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Tile Grout

General Purpose Tile Grout White

  • Water-resistant, strong, non-yellowing, anti-fungal anti-bacterial, crack-resistant. Versatile crack and joint filler.
  • Polymer modified fine colored powder which, when mixed with water, gives a smooth, creamy paste for clean grouting of all types of tiles (Ceramic, Marble, Mosaic, Granites, etc.) for walls and floors.
  • It sets to a decorative, crack proof, spill proof, and water resistant finish.
  • Mixing:Add clean water in a clean vessel & mix until a homogeneous, smooth, easy to be applied, free for lumps paste is achieved.
  • Consumption depends on type, size & spacing between the tiles, but approx. is 250gms/m.sq.
  • Packing: Why pay more, Just the right size for your DIY needs.